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Crypto tokens TWEE and TweeBuck launch on today (Thursday 18th February, 2021) at 14:00 (GMT).

The crypto tokens are the brainchild of industry disruptor Tweebaa and its Founder and CEO, Margaret Wang.

Speaking of the listing Ms Wang said, “I am very, very excited to see TWEE and TweeBuck listed on TweeBuck has a far greater targeted user base than any defined crypto currently on the market. TweeBuck has a totally different business principle, which is an altruistic business philosophy, because of its connection to Tweebaa — a unique platform and ecosystem designed specifically to create wealth for the masses.”

Ms Wang described TweeBuck as, “the people’s currency; an efficient and fair token to be utilised by manufacturers, merchants, followers and partners in the ecosystem supported by the latest Blockchain technology…

01/14- 01/27 Tweebaa Biweekly Report

12/31–01/13 Tweebaa Bi-Weekly Report

12/17–12/30 Tweebaa Bi-Weekly Report

12/3–12/16 Tweebaa Biweekly Report

— Tweebaa Earning University

Founded on November 13th, 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, World kindness day is a day that encourages the act of kindness. Its intention is to inspire people to be kind to each other, with the understanding that human kindness is important to society. This has become an international event and is celebrated all over the world.

For many, it is in our nature to be kind and to help or render help when it is needed. However, as times change and we become preoccupied with our own lives, demands, interests and stress, it is easy to become complacent to…

Tweebaa Inc.

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